Cross-border movement


We help businesses manage their

human capital cross-border movement needs

We are a global mobility specialty services company and can help you in simplifying the complexities of human capital cross-border movement and helping you managing your global mobility program.

What we do
Partnering with your needs

We can help you not only set-up a global mobility program but also review your global mobility program to improve its efficiencies and practices.

Helping you with the movement structure

We can help you design the optimum structure of human capital movement to and from India.

Corporate mobility tax and social security

We can help you manage not only the tax and social security matters of your expatriate population but also your mobility needs.  From assessing corporate risks to undertaking compliances, we can offer a variety of services suited to your needs.


We can help you not only understand and manage the work permit and visa requirements but also assist you with local registrations and renewals.

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