About Us

We are a global mobility specialty services organisation offering a varied range of services in the fields of tax, social security, immigration and exchange control, specific to cross-border movement of human capital resources.

Through a team of experienced professionals, we provide solutions to our clients that not only meet their regulatory requirements, but at the same time, are also practical and can meet today’s global mobility challenges.

Working with us

Work-Broadening Horizons Services Pvt. Ltd.

Cross-border movement of human capital has become an essential part of doing business, especially for multinational organisations. Over the last couple of decades, India has not only become a key skilled outsourcing hub but also an important business and operations destination.  Therefore, there is a large volume of inbound and outbound cross-border movement both to and from India.

To manage such movement, businesses need to make sure that they are in control of their regulatory responsibilities and still have optimal cost structures during such international moves.  Having the right knowledge and being able to apply that in time become critical factors for a successful program.

We provide clients with the consulting and management support they require to run an efficient global mobility program and help them not only in the ideation stages but also in implementation and compliance of their mobility program.

Key personnel

Work-Broadening Horizons Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our leadership and management team have extensive combined global mobility experience not only with the Big 4 consulting firms but also industry.  This combined experience and knowledge shapes into a distinct pool of talent and helps us provide tailored and attentive services to clients.